Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses For a Cocktail Wedding

Cocktail Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses
Despite the color of bridesmaid dress that a bride chooses, she may opt to purchase the dress in a cocktail style rather than a floor length gown. This is usually due to the fact that cocktail style dresses tend to be cheaper.
However, this does not mean that this style is any less flattering. Furthermore, cocktail wedding bridesmaid dresses stand a better chance of being reused by their wearers for other events in the future. The premiere style for cocktail wedding bridesmaid dresses for the 2010 wedding season is the trapeze style. This style of dress is quite forgiving, and it flatter a myriad of body shapes. Other emerging trends are those of one shouldered and spaghetti strap dresses.
Cocktail wedding bridesmaid dresses are being seen, most often, in shades of purple. The most popular hues of this color are dark, vibrant shades of violet. Fortunately, this is a color shade that appears to be flatter on a variety of skin tones. Unless the dress is of an inferior design, the color is quite slimming on most body types. Lavender hues are quite popular this season too. However, this is a color hue that must be worn carefully. If it is paired incorrectly with a poorly designed dress, it may become reminiscent of prom gowns in the 1980’s.
A popular trend from last year that has reemerged is that of the bare shouldered look. These gowns do not have sleeves, or else very minimal ones. There are generally accompanied by a shawl for the bridesmaid to carry. The shawl can be simple or it can be adorned with semi precious stones, rhinestones, or sequins, according to the bride’s preferences. It is believed that the recent economic downturn has affected the styles of bridesmaid gowns. Less has become more. Cocktail wedding bridesmaid dresses in shades of black are being seen more and more often. These dresses can be reused for multiple events. If budget constraints are a concern for a bride or her bridesmaid, she and they may want to consider renting their gowns from a bridal shop. This will allow a bride and her attendants to be stylishly attired at minimal cost.
Another key component to your completing your bridesmaid’s looks are the accessories and shoes. Generally speaking, you do not want to over-do it in this area when wearing a short, cocktail style dress. Strappy style sandals are most complimentary and the jewelry should be kept minimal; for example – a pair of long earrings and a necklace. She color will be mostly dependent on dress color, however silver shoes tend to work with any color combination.

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