Just How Many Wedding Parties Are There?

Two people in love who decide to get married can start a series of activities that involve a lot of their friends, family, relatives, and yes the wedding organizer to regulate a series of before and after parties for the wedding celebration. The series of preparations would require the wedding organizer to orchestrate just the right resources for the dream wedding of the couple.
But before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, most people would not think about the other events tied into having a wedding. You might receive a wedding invitation along with the other invites from the family of the groom and bride. You are not exclusively invited for the wedding ceremony or reception only – you will become witness to pre and post parties celebrated around a wedding. So you might want to ask, just how many wedding parties are there?
First party prior to a wedding would be the engagement party. At this point, both the family of the bride and groom to be would want to host a large gathering of friends and relatives to introduce their entering new member of the family. This could be hosted by either of the couple’s parents in the hope of meeting and greeting the other clan or getting to know their soon to be in-law. This is usually celebrated on or after a day when the engagement news has been announced publicly. Some rich families even hold lavish formal parties complete with some champagne fireworks for the guests to enjoy.
Shower parties might sound to be more connected with the bride but nowadays, the presence of the groom is generally accepted. The concept of the shower is to do something helpful for the bride or couple. This is usually thrown by close friends and relatives who would want to express their support and appreciation for the couple. This is an almost intimate gathering with family especially as they bid good luck and depart their wishes to the bride and groom.
Bachelor and bachelorette parties might seem modern in context and are getting popular. These are parties hosted separately by the respective friends of the bride and the groom on two separate occasions. Younger generations become more creative and liberated in celebrating these parties and some even resorting to fire lantern nights to add fun to the party. These are all done in fun spirit with some prelude honeymoon ideas expressed in gifts by the guests and other presents symbolizing a goodbye to being single.
Wedding rehearsals are actually not parties but a practice for the actual wedding event during the ceremony and reception. The wedding organizer usually hold this activity to brief the guests and the couple in the series of events during the big day.
Actual wedding ceremony and reception follows where the event finally takes place. A few hours is spent in the marriage ceremony and then the reception follows usually. This is the time when friends and relative finally welcomes the bride and groom as a couple and give them their best wishes. Wedding sparklers are even visible especially for evening receptions.
Gift opening party often happens after the honeymoon of the newly weds. At this time, fewer people and guests are invited to witness the finding out of the gifts of the wedding guests and the family. This is often an intimate get together for both the couple’s families.
These are all the events that happen to center around a wedding. As you can see, there is so much more about the wedding than any event in your life.

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