Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – A Patented Design

Asscher cut engagement rings are an exclusive cut of diamond. The first one was made in 1902 by a pair of brothers from the Asscher family of Amsterdam in Holland. This is a square cut that has the corners cut. Also placed into each stone are several parallel cuts that resemble a hall of mirrors. This is why they are so well thought of because of this special set of cuts that help each stone set on fire the light with a spectacular beauty.
The most famous Asscher cut diamond is the Cullinan Diamond. This diamond is so spectacular with brilliance that the English Royal Family made it part of the Crown Jewels this past century.
For an Asscher diamond to be authentic it must be cut by the Asscher family or business. Each one has the Asscher family crest on it along with an ID number. To authenticate a diamond as an Asscher, it takes a jeweler to find and identify this unique marking.
The Asscher diamonds have been cut for only a limited number of years. From 1930 to 1945 there were none made because of the world wide crisis. The older ones can be distinguished from the newer style because of the heavily beveled corners. In 2001 the design was changed with smaller corners and a larger center. The numbers of facets have also been increased from 58 to 74. This has increased the diamonds luster and brilliance when looked at by the common person. Each Asscher cut diamond stone comes with a certificate of authenticity. If the place that is selling you your Asscher diamond does not have the certificate, there is a good chance it is either stolen or a forgery.
Because of the squareness of these rings, a four prong setting is sufficient to secure the diamond for any of the many Asscher cut engagement rings.

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